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700+ Comprehensive Racgp Exam Flash Cards.

700+ Comprehensive RACGP Exam Flash Cards

Your Essential Tool for
Passing the AKT / KFP & Becoming a Fellowed GP 

Invest in Your Future Risk-Free
14-Day Full Refund Guarantee
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There is an overwhelming amount of content that you are required to commit to memory for the GP AKT / KFP fellowship exams. 

PassRACGP flashcards consolidate the majority of this content from thousands of practice AKT / KFP exam questions. The idea is that you have all of the highest-yield content in one accessible resource for you to continuously review throughout your study period. 


Based off the Anki app, the approach leverages active recall & spaced repetition algorithms which based on research is the best way to prevent information from being forgotten


Think of it as weightlifting for the brain - when the brain faces a greater challenge in retrieving information, it improves the ability to retain and recall that information. 


For a more comprehensive understanding of the above concept click here

700+ Comprehensive Racgp Exam Flash Cards
700+ Comprehensive Racgp Exam Flash Cards

Highly Informative

PassRACGP flashcards were consolidated from thousands of practice AKT & KFP exam questions. They were filtered down to only the highest yield content across all the GP curriculum and also include the important medicolegal topics within GP. 

Created & Upated by Fellow GPs

The flashcards consist of up-to-date medical content that have been utilised by many in preparation for their AKT & KFP exams.

Support anytime you need

You can contact Dr. Shaun via email or phone if you have any questions or require assistance with the flashcards.

Instant Lifelong Access

PassRACGP flashcards are available via Anki, so that you have 24/7 access on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop and can study on the go. Plus, they're a valuable resource for your everyday GP practice even after your exams.

Backed by Science

The Anki app utilises scientifically supported algorithms that ensure the flashcards reappear within the ideal timeframe for optimal memory retention (based on the difficulty rating you give them). 

"Anki flashcards were a lifesaver during my GP exam prep and perfectly complemented GP academy. I loved how I was able to do them on my phone in between short breaks during the day and feel productive when I would otherwise be wasting time”

Dr Sarah Kulthum - GP 

"I am currently a GP registrar who is due to sit the AKT/KFP in a months’ time. I have been using these flashcards as part of my daily study routine and it is allowing me to feel much more confident going into the exams."

Dr Sanjit Singh - GPT3 Registrar

"Would highly recommend this comprehensive set of flashcards. They allowed me to pass all of my exams the first time around and also ensured that I was efficiently spending my time on the high-yield content that was most likely to be tested on the exam. I even use them in my day to day GP practice."

Dr Charles Wang - GP 

"Shaun’s Anki flashcards are worth their weight in gold. They covered every high-yield topic in the depth that I felt was necessary and were tailored specifically to the GP exam requirements and in the format needed for the KFP. I found them to be an indispensable tool in my study routine, and they undoubtedly played a significant role in my success."

Dr Douglas Brown - GP 

"Shaun was an outstanding registrar and doctor during the time I was his supervisor at Forest Lake General Practice. During our teaching sessions would often use these flashcards to teach the other registrars as well as myself. I have no doubt that these flashcards would be an invaluable tool to those studying for the AKT/KFP exams."

Dr Geoffrey Neundorf - GP & Supervisor for GP Registrars

"Using these flashcards was an absolute game-changer for my exam preparation. The cards not only provided key information but also created simplified ways of remembering large chunks of information. They were the secret weapon behind my exceptional exam performance!"

Dr Nitin Mukesh - GP 

PassRACGP's primary goal is to provide you with the tools & knowledge, so that you can receive the email:
“Congratulations! You have passed the RACGP AKT / KFP Examination!”


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Tailored for GP RACGP Trainees, but also beneficial for: 

ACRRM GP Trainees 

IMGs needing to learn Australian guidelines

Fellowed GPs seeking a practical reference guide

Hospital residents preparing for their GP practice transition



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Dr Shaun Tan

Hi! I'm Shaun, a recently fellowed Brisbane-based GP. I worked at the Princess Alexandra hospital during my residency and served as a lecturer and examiner at multiple universities, including the University of Queensland.


Reflecting on my medical school experience, where I often found myself cramming and struggling to retain vast amounts of information from textbooks, lecture slides, and recordings, I knew there had to be a better way.


To prepare for my GP fellowship exams, I focused on high-yield GP content, practicing thousands of AKT and KFP questions from sources like GP Academy, ModMed, and the official RACGP exams. This approach led to the creation of PassRACGP flashcards, designed to streamline your study process and help you excel in your exams.


My method proved successful, as I passed the AKT, KFP, and Clinical exams on my first attempt, scoring 90% on the AKT and ranking in the top 15th percentile for the KFP. With PassRACGP flashcards, I aim to help other aspiring GPs achieve similar success.

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